Mike Rowe Nails It. Again.

I am indeed aware that there are other, perhaps sexier, news stories out there for a good Journalist to cover.  Thank God I ain’t a Journalist, is all I have to say about that.  Instead of writing here about those other news stories, I’d like to cover something a little different, but equally important.

Let’s talk about work.  Let’s talk about blue-collar, get-your-hands-dirty work; the kind of work that leaves you physically tired at the end of the day.  Let’s talk about the work that keeps the lights turned on, clean water in your home, and the numerous mechanical devices that make first-world life a life in the first world.

I’ve had a lot of different types of jobs.  I’ve done blue-collar work (Zookeeper, Fire-Extinguisher Inspector, Horticulturist) and I’ve done white-collar work, too.  Without doubt, the best jobs, the most uplifting and satisfying work that I’ve ever done, was in the blue-collar fields.  Whether it was shoveling poop, trimming hedges, or making sure that a small business had enough working fire extinguishers, I went home with measurable proof that I had been at work, doing my job.  I can’t say that about the white-collar work, honestly.

So why does society put so much emphasis on higher education?  Is the world a better place when we graduate so many experts in Underwater Gender Studies From a Lesbian Perspective?  Really?  When I need to have a car repaired, I don’t want my mechanic to be a Liberal Arts major; I need him/her to fix my car.

I’ll let Mike Rowe do the talking at this point, from his interview with Tucker Carlson.  Let’s figure out a way to make work cool again…