More People Are Turning To The Internet For News…Mainstream Press Quickly Becoming Irrelevant

A funny thing is happening. According to a new Rasmussen Report, traditional “network news” has fallen as the country’s main source for news and information. The report claims that the internet now is a being used as a source for news more than network TV, by a point, anyway…25 percent to 24 percent.

To those of us “just bloggers”, it doesn’t really come as a shock. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to live in a state of denial, claiming that the only true source of “reliable, professional journalism” can only be found on the major television networks and of course, newspapers (print…NOT online).


Rasmussen reports that a whopping 6 percent of those polled found the media “very trustworthy,” 50 percent “somewhat trustworthy,” 30 percent “not very trustworthy,” and 12 percent “not at all trustworthy.”

I think the “shocking” part of the report is that 50% of those polled actually still find the mainstream media “somewhat trustworthy”.

Another stat that I find interesting is that 41% of voters think the average mainstream media reporter is more progressive (the report reads “liberal” but that term just doesn’t cover enough, for my tastes) than they are. One would only have to read my local newspaper’s (The Anniston Star) editorial page to see true examples of progressivism at work.

One would think that the mainstream media would see these numbers and make an effort to swing back towards “true OBJECTIVE journalism”. Alas, I fear that will not come to pass. As a matter of fact, I see them doubling down on their progressive slants.

And they wonder why their viewership/readership is on the decline. Must be a vast right-wing conspiracy…Lord knows it couldn’t be their own fault, now could it?