“Mr. Nuance” heads to Middle East on Sunday

John “Nuance” Kerry, negotiator extraordinaire, is set to go the Middle East on Sunday, to……..well, whatever it is that he does when he leaves town.  I can’t say that he’s going to reassure anybody overseas that the Kerry/King Barry combo is on top of things, foreign-policy-wise, because it’s too hard to say whether anybody will believe Kerry when he speaks.

From The Times of Israel:

The State Department said Kerry would begin his trip on November 3. After a quick jaunt to Poland, where the controversy over alleged NSA spying is sure to be raised, Kerry would head to the Mideast for talks with Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian and Emirati officials.

He is slated to wrap up the trip on November 11 in North Africa with stops in Algiers and Rabat.

With all the criticism that the Obama administration is getting from NSA spying revelations, I almost feel sorry for Mr. Nuance.