Mr. Whittle Does It Again

First, watch the embedded video, from Bill Whittle’s YouTube Channel.  More after the break.

Second:  Subscribe to that channel, if you haven’t already done so.

I know that regular readers of this page are aware that I’ve posted lots of stuff from Bill Whittle over the years.  The fella has done great work, and entertained and informed Marty and I for quite a few years, now.  I know, also, that some of y’all have already subscribed to Bill’s YouTube channel, and follow his work, as well.  Today I’d like to make the case, for those of y’all who can afford it, to invest a small amount of cash to support Bill’s website.  I have reasons both altruistic and selfish for doing so.

The altruistic motivation for supporting Mr. Whittle is that it is very important to support Conservative content-creators every time we have a chance, y’all.  If we want to change the culture of our nation and return it to the values that we hold dear, then we need to support those on the front lines of the culture wars.  Sharing online content is one way to show support, but at times it is necessary to shell out some of our hard-earned cash, too.  When content-creators like Bill Whittle up their game by producing good content with high production value, we need to recognize that Bill’s costs have increased; and we should respond by helping, if we can.

I have selfish reasons for making this case, as I’ve mentioned.  Let me explain.

The artist being interviewed in the above segment was the guy responsible for the cool Anti-Democrat artwork that kept appearing around Los Angeles during the dark years of the Obama era.  I had no idea that the guy was a United States Marine, until today, when Bill Whittle’s interview with Sabo appeared in my YouTube feed.  My older brother, Greg, may he rest in peace, was also a United States Marine; and like a lot of y’all out there, there is a special place in my heart reserved for Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.  I would not have known of Sabo’s connection to the USMC if Bill Whittle hadn’t brought it up; and it’s little revelations like that, which is only one of many that Whittle has brought out over the years, that provokes me to encourage more of the same.

I wouldn’t ask y’all to do anything that I’m not willing to do myself, so before writing this post, I went to Bill’s website and signed up for a basic membership.  It only cost me $9.95 a month, which is a small price to keep such excellent online programming coming.