MSNBC Anchor Refuses To Acknowledge Uncomfortable Truth…Nation Shocked

Thanks To The Blaze for this little nugget.

Yesterday, MSNBC anchor Karen Finney called into a conservative radio show to defend her stance that Conservatives are engaging in modern day “McCarthyism”. The segment ended with Finney hanging up on host Hugh Hewitt when she either refused or could not answer Hewitt’s persistent questioning on “McCarthyism” and whether or not communists had, in fact, infiltrated the government in the fifties.

Cruz McCarthy

Over the weekend, Finney made a comparison of Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy, saying they had a “shared paranoia and that Cruz, like McCarthy, had engaged in “fear stoking” behavior; Traits that no Democrat has ever possessed, ever…EVER…

When asked whether Finney believed there was ever any actual communist infiltration of the government during the McCarthy-era, she replied, “No, there weren’t communists that infiltrated our government. That’s like Michele Bachmann accusing my friend Huma Abedin of being Muslim Brotherhood.” (Even though Bachmann never actually “accused” Abedin of being a part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann merely pointed out that several members of Abedin’s family were not only founding members of the Brotherhood but active participants to this very day.)

For the record, the answer to Hewitt’s question, “Was Alger Hiss a communist?”: The answer is an undeniable YES HE WAS.