My Response to the National Day of Prayer

I’m not a fan.  I could care less if Congress and the President think it’s okay to focus on prayer for one day a year.  Because of the restriction against forming a national religion in our Constitution, when the feds encourage prayer, they have to include the prayers of Muslims, as well; which, as a Christian, I do not believe have the desired effect.  If that sounds like I’m saying that prayers to anyone but the Christian God are worthless…well, that is exactly what I’m saying.  As far as a National Day of Prayer goes…one day a year is not enough.  I prefer to follow the example of Daniel the prophet, who appropriately took no notice of his earthly king’s restrictions on prayer; resulting in an overnight stay in the lion’s den in Babylon.  For his faith in and obedience to the Living God, Daniel was rewarded with a good night’s sleep and release from the den without a scratch.

When the king released Daniel from the lions, Daniel’s prayer life was unaffected; he neither prayed more, nor less, in consequence of the king of Babylon’s approval.  The approval of God was all Daniel sought.  I don’t think a National Day of Prayer would move Ol’ Daniel one bit.  Do you?