N Korea Threatening To End Cease-Fire…Again

Oooh Boy…Tuesday morning, North Korean People’s Army Supreme Command stated they are ready to end the 1953 cease-fire that ended the Korean War. (Some refer to it as a “police action” but I know some Vets that were there and they get pretty angry at that assertion).

The “Supreme Command” didn’t really go into specifics but instead vaguely warned of “surgical strikes” and a “precision nuclear striking tool.”


It seems N Korea is still pretty torqued about the U.S. leading the talks of a U.N. resolution calling for more sanctions due to the N Korean nuke testing that’s been done, of late.

Now, none of this is new material. North Korea has a LOOOONG history of saber rattling whenever the rest of the world gives them a good smacking for trying to eat at the grown-up table. Even China, who has always been the only country that even remotely seems willing to be seen speaking with them.

All this comes on the heels of Former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s weekend slumber party with the Nation’s new All-Powerful, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un.

Rodman says his new buddy Kim is really just an “awesome guy” that really doesn’t WANT to send people to political prison camps. Even though he’s the same guy that HAD A MAN MORTARED TO DEATH for having a drink during the 100 days of mourning for his daddy. He’s just a guy that, like President Obama, likes basketball. As a matter of fact, Kim asked Dennis to have Barack “give him a call” so that they may build on their newly found common bond.

Given the choice between Sec of State JOHN KERRY and Dennis Rodman….I think this nation’s diplomacy is in real trouble.

Personally, I’ll be filing this under “B” for “oh well, it’s just more N Korean BULL”.