Never Mind Climate Change; Regulatory Blizzard is Far Worse Feb18


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Never Mind Climate Change; Regulatory Blizzard is Far Worse



Oh, yeah.  Barry's got this, y'all

Oh, yeah. Barry’s got this, y’all

The Code of Federal Regulations just got fatter, by one new regulation every 3 hours, according to this post in the Daily Caller.  I know, y’all were worried about King Barry’s pen and stuff, but what regulatory agencies can accomplish is actually much scarier.

From the DC:

Not all regulations are created equal — some are far more costly than others. So far this year there have been six final rules deemed “economically significant,” meaning they will have costs of $100 million or more in a given year. At this point, these six regulations have an estimated monetary impact of somewhere in between $614 million and $885 million. This figure will only continue to grow throughout the remaining months of 2014.

I used to work in a field that was regulated by the FDA.  I can speak to the cost of compliance when judged by man-hours required.  When I worked for a private food-and-feed laboratory, every single employee, including the facilities maintenance folks, spent about 30 percent of their time on paperwork that proved daily compliance with federal regulations.  That’s right.  Almost a third of my day was spent on compliance.

We all know that the President and the Executive Branch has cost us some money since King Barry ascended the throne, but the DC post brings things out in the daylight.  Follow the source link, and read the entire post.  You will see this material again, at 6pm Central on the live show.