New Blackberry debuts, to thin praise. Jan31


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New Blackberry debuts, to thin praise.

The new Blackberry phones are coming out, and I may be one of very few people who are excited about it.  Everybody is in love with their iPhones and Samsung products, and they are truly great products.  RIM, however, still has the only really secure mobile phone out there.  After all the phone-hacking scandals that took place in Europe, it has surprised me how many folks are still not concerned about the security of their data.  Amazing.

Even though the new phone has a brand-new operating system, and features that are completely unique, (not to mention long-desired) Wall Street and a lot of others are decidedly lukewarm towards the new Blackberry phone.  When my personal finances turn around, I may get the new BB 10, myself.  I like the concept, and I ain’t skeered.

Interesting side note here:  I found links to the articles above at a relatively new website, GlobalDailyTrends.  It’s an interesting site on its’ own.  I recommend giving it a look.