Obama Gives Syria’s Assad Another Pass on “Red Line” Use of Chemical Weapons

A testy Obama takes a question during his Gulf Conference over the weekend.

A testy Obama takes a question during his Gulf Conference over the weekend.

Once again, Bashir Assad, Syria’s Tyrant-for-Life, has crossed the imaginary “Red Line” which President Obama declared into existence back in 2013; once again, Assad has used chemical weapons against civilian populations in Syria.  Take a moment to look back at one of the posts on this website from way back then.  Today, the Washington Times has the details of the latest use of chlorine and Sarin by Assad:

Amid recent reports Syrian President Bashar Assad again used chemical weapons in his nation’s ongoing civil war, Mr. Obama is taking a much different approach than he did in 2012 and 2013, when the U.S. declared itself on the verge of military intervention after Mr. Assad unleashed sarin gas and other chemical agents despite clear warnings from the White House.

Back in 2013, Obama punted to the “international community” to handle Assad’s illegal use of chemical weapons.  This time, he’s relying on Russia to do the heavy lifting.  What could possibly go wrong?  More from the WT article:

At a press conference last week, the president mentioned no possibility of military strikes and instead said the U.S. expects allies of Mr. Assad, chiefly Russia, to intervene and convince the Syrian government to stop using chemical weapons.

Obama really, really dislikes taking questions on subjects that are uncomfortable for him.  Watch the video of the press conference where our thin-skinned POTUS takes a Syria question from an Al Jazeera reporter.

Be sure to follow the Washington Times link above, and check out the full story.  I’m afraid it will ruin your lunch, though, so be warned.