Obama is Still Okay With Aborting Babies at 20 Weeks Gestation

a baby at four months gestation, sonogram

a baby at four months gestation, sonogram

Update:  Go here to read about the feminists wailing and gnashing of teeth over HR36.  It seems the Republican intent is to “punish” women, y’all.  Never mind the feelings of the baby.

Update:  According to this link, the abortion bill, HR36 passed 242-184.  

Republicans in the House have been trying to push through a bill making it illegal to abort babies after 20 weeks (That’s five months, if you are mathematically-challenged.) gestation.  The bill has seen some challenges, according to this post in the Washington Times.  It seems that even after being informed of the fetal development at that gestational age, some Representatives were still reluctant to sign on.

Are y’all unclear on how developed a baby is at 20 weeks gestation?  From the WT article:

“It is now commonplace to read about evidence that, by 20 weeks fetal age and even earlier, an unborn child responds to many forms of stimuli, including music and the mother’s voice,” the National Right to Life Committee told Congress ahead of the vote. “Claims that the same child is nevertheless insensible to the violence done to her body during an abortion should engender strong skepticism.”

The President feels that it’s not only okay to kill a child in the womb at 5 months, but that the Republican bill is “disgraceful”.  Y’all, don’t take my word for it.  Read this post, also at the Washington Times site.