Obama Mocked Romney For His Ideas For Syria During Debate…Then Adopts Same Ideas As His Own

Last night, on his television show, Glenn Beck showed a comparison between the President’s position on Syria, during the Presidential Debates, less than one year ago and his current position on The United States’ roll in the conflict. If one hasn’t been paying attention over the past ten or eleven months, the comparison is shocking. Based on the standards to which the media has held virtually every other politician in the country, the comparison leaves one to believe President Barack Obama is a big, fat hypocritical, lying, selfish doodie-head.


Note the condescension and tone of outright mockery President Obama took as Romney more or less laid out virtually the same policy on Syria as Obama.

I might point out too, that there was a lot of talk by both candidates of insuring that any arms given to Assad’s opposition would go into the hands of “friends of the United States and friends to our allies in the region.” President Obama pointed to “success” in Libya to show that he had, in that instance, gotten arms “to the right people” and “in a controlled manner”, so that we could keep track of those weapons. He mockingly made the suggestion that if the United States had left the situation alone when Romney suggested, Qaddafi would still be in power.

That may be true. It might also be true that Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans would still be alive, as well. To make that argument though, I’m sure, is racist in some way.

Beck mic shot

The point Beck eventually made in showing this comparison was that this is a case where both candidates the Republican nominee and the Democrats’ had the same policy in mind. Obama mocked Romney for suggesting the very same policy he is using himself, right now.

“I want to make it really clear — it’s not the Democrats, Hollywood, liberals, libertarians, Republicans — it’s all of us. If this doesn’t convince you that this is not about parties, it’s not about race, it’s about the progressives in both parties…If you’re not convinced of that, your friends aren’t convinced of that at this point, then you or they are definitely part of the problem.”

Well said, Mr. Beck.