Obama/Cameron Presser gets testy

I would love to tell y’all that the press conference today with President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron was an interesting affair, loaded with explosive revelations and genuine pledges of unshakeable foundations of mutual agreement, but I think y’all know better than that.  Honestly, it was rather depressing.

When Obama gave his opening statement, his voice was dull, his delivery flat, and he gave the impression of wishing that he could have phoned it in.

Cameron’s remarks had a bit more life in them, but not much.  There is no real warmth towards Obama in the Prime Minister’s body language.  He, too, radiated a desire to be elsewhere.

However close the real ties between Great Britain and the United States, between our two elected Heads of State there is, if not animosity or dislike, certainly no evidence of genuine regard for or trust in the other.

As soon as the President opened the floor for reporters, he was hit with questions about Benghazi and the recent allegations of partisan wrongdoing at the IRS; that’s when Obama came to life.  Obama showed the same testy, irritable side that was on display when his gun control agenda was dealt it’s most recent blow in the Senate.


Obummer doesn’t like questions, y’all

Britain’s Prime Minister probably gave the most politically-correct answers to questions directed at him, and, frankly, that isn’t a compliment.


They leave together. There’s no warmth there, seemingly

I’m posting the video here, but I can’t really recommend watching the whole thing.  I don’t think anybody really learned anything new today, nor was anything of substance really said by either leader at this press conference.  Julie Pace starts the Benghazi/IRS questioning at the 10:55 mark, and that’s when President Petulance makes his appearance.