Obamatrade on Hold While the Emperor Golfs and Parties


After last week’s defeat of Obamatrade legislation, (You know; the Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority stuff that I’ve been writing about, right?) you’d think that Emperor Barry I would have spent the weekend flexing his phone-muscles with Congressional holdouts so that he could use his magic pen.  According to this post in the Washington Times, though, Barry spent the weekend playing golf and hosting a Prince concert.  From the WT article:

But it wasn’t clear when House leaders would schedule another vote, largely because there was no evidence that Mr. Obama had changed any Democrats’ minds since Friday. After the disastrous loss dealt to him by his own party, the president spent much of the weekend playing golf and hosting a private, A-list concert at the White House featuringPrince.

This is a crazy situation, y’all.  House Republicans are pushing a free trade deal that the Republican base emphatically does not want, and Conservatives like myself have actually been rooting for Nancy Pelosi to hold the line and defeat a bill that would give unprecedented power to the Executive Branch and unelected global commissions; and our President plays golf and parties with His Royal Badness.  Take a minute to absorb that sentence.

While everybody in Congress and the White House is distracted, now is the time to light up the phones, folks.  Let your Representatives know how you feel about TPA.