Oh, great. Immigration reform moves to the House.

I think it necessary to make crystal clear the fact that The Honest Answer does not want to talk about comprehensive immigration reform.  Unfortunately, the topic of immigration reform has been rammed down our throats by Republican politicians who listen to and take the advice of political consultants who were all WRONG about the last election.  Somehow, some of the very same people who advised the Romney campaign are seen as having a shred of credibility when it comes to advising the Republican party on the things they need to do to win elections.  Amazing; I know.

I know I’m not the only one out there who finds utterly ridiculous the idea that Romney lost the election because he didn’t get the illegal-immigrant vote.  Seriously.

So, since the Senate passed a bill before the Senators had a chance to read all 1200 pages of it, the comprehensive immigration reform ball just went to the court of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Well, y’all can relax now, because John Boehner says he won’t bring the Gang of Eight bill up for a vote.  Allahpundit at Hot Air has an analysis that is thoughtful and well worth the read.  From Allahpundit’s post:

“I wonder if Boehner’s main concern here is PR or if he’s worried that the damned thing might actually pass if he allows a vote on it. In terms of PR, he doesn’t want to make it any easier for Democrats to paint the GOP as anti-reform; shelving the bill is better in that sense than putting it on the floor and letting House Republicans demolish it. On the other hand, maybe he’s not so sure that it would actually be demolished. Pelosi can probably pull together 170-80 Democratic votes for it. In that case, all you’d need are 40-50 wayward RINOs to defy leadership and cross the aisle and the bill will be on Obama’s desk. Can’t chance it.”

Oh, yeah….when I said above that y’all could relax:  That was meant to be read as dripping with sarcasm.

Paul Ryan intends to be the Bridge from Nowhere between those consultants I was writing about and Republicans who are squeamish about voting for amnesty.  Reuters reports on Ryan’s activities in the House, with a different sort of spin, of course, from Allahpundit’s post.  From Reuters:

“With Senate passage of a sweeping immigration bill imminent, Ryan has been meeting with House conservatives to persuade them that reform of the immigration system, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, is an economic necessity and critical to fixing the nation’s fiscal problems.

Ryan, a potential 2016 presidential contender, sees himself as a “bridge builder” between immigration advocacy groups and reluctant Republicans, he said in an interview with Reuters.”

I believe that Paul Ryan is about to become the Marco Rubio of the House.  Need I say to y’all that I think Ryan is making a mistake?  Ryan is known for saying that amnesty would be good for the economy.  The Congressman isn’t alone; John McRINO has also said the same thing, as has Marco Rubio.  Marty and I have said more about Rubio on the live show than here in the blog, so I’ll just say it now in writing:  Marco, you’ve screwed up by the numbers with the Gang of Eight Shamnesty bill, Bubba.  Oh, yes, Marco Rubio is going to pay a stiff political price for his work on S.744.  Paul Ryan is peddling the same load of horse-puckey to his colleagues in the House, and things are about to get ugly.

In his post, Allahpundit reported that Sarah Palin, speaking about Senators who voted with the Gang of Eight, reminded everyone that Conservatives have long memories.  You betcha we do, Sarah.  We Conservatives expect to be lied to by Democrats, but it sucks pretty hard to be eating the lies from supposed Conservatives and we won’t forget those like Marco Rubio who have lied to us.  It’s been proven by the very language of S.744 that the Gang of Eight offered nothing substantive towards securing the borders, yet Marco Rubio assured us that it was tough on enforcement.  Riiiiight……so that’s why ICE wasn’t invited to offer input on enforcement in the bill.  Got it.  Seems legit.

image found at http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/188207.php

image found at http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/188207.php

If Boehner and Ryan try to push an amnesty bill, they will face some very bad backlash at the polls.  The Honest Answer will do everything that we can to make sure of it.