Open Letter to Mainstream Media

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lamestream,

Greetings from flyover country.

We are on to you.  We know what you are doing, and we are neither fooled by you, nor are we fooling ourselves about how governments or Presidential campaigns work.

We understand that the overwhelming majority of journalists are Progressives who worship at the altar of big governments and out-of-control spending.  Last night’s CNBC debate, which was theoretically about the economy, but really about bashing the GOP; merely stripped the lipstick off the pig that is the lamestream, Progressive media.

I don’t want you to take my word for the above statements.  I’d rather you watch the embedded video, and see for yourselves what real Iowans think of the CNBC “moderators”.  Watch the video.  I’ll wait.

Your bias is showing like the grimy bra strap of a Tijuana hooker.

It may be instructive for you, the lamestream proglodyte hacks, to understand that the internet has arrived, and with it, the Conservative’s desire to reclaim the culture of America.  We own social media.  Twitter is ours.  Facebook is ours.  Why?  Well, Conservatives don’t sit around and wait to be “educated” by liberal professors.  We tend to do our own homework, and investigate, and educate ourselves.  Most social media applications, although built and owned by Progressives, are dominated by Conservative voices.  Don’t take my word for it.  For one example, (although there are many, if you look) watch the short video below.

The CNBC debate, and it’s lame “moderators”, were some of the top trending topics on Twitter and Facebook last night.  The conversation was driven by Conservatives.

To repeat:  We are on to you.