Oz Concerned About China’s Spratly Islands Encroachment

A lot of the attention of the mainstream media is focused on the conflict with Daesh, and rightly so, but I’m telling y’all that some focus needs to be applied to the South China Sea, too.  Don’t get me wrong; it is entirely appropriate to pay attention to a region (the Middle East) where the US is already engaged in conflict.  I’m just saying that the media needs to be giving some attention, also, to what China is doing in its’ sphere of influence.

Australians are worried, and that should concern us, since Oz has always been one of our staunchest allies every time the United States has called for a coalition to fight threats around the world.  Aussies have fought alongside our troops in WWII, Vietnam, Iraq,  and Afghanistan.  Our media should be putting more emphasis on China’s Spratly Island land reclamation project in order to put pressure on Xi Jinping to calm his military down in the South China Sea; because China’s actions can have a huge impact on one of our best allies.

Don’t take my word for it:  Take a look at this article in the Sydney Morning Herald.  Australia’s government is very concerned about China’s aggressive stance on “intrusion” in the area of the Spratlys.  From the SMH post:

Australian officials are concerned that China could also introduce long-range radar, anti-aircraft guns and regular surveillance flights that will enable it to project military power across a maritime expanse which include some of Australia’s busiest trading lanes.

Did you catch that?  Australia moves a lot of its’ commercial merchandise past the Spratlys by water and air.  China, no matter what their government says, is constructing what is basically an unsinkable aircraft carrier in the South China Sea; and if you don’t think they’ll use those runways for exactly that purpose, then I have some swampland in Arizona that I’d like to sell you.  More, from the SMH:

More substantially, Australia’s intelligence agencies are upgrading the strategic threat assessments which will inform the Abbott government’s first Defence White Paper, according to government sources. Late on Wednesday, Australia’s top defence official, Dennis Richardson, brought Canberra’s growing concerns into public view by telling a Sydney forum that China’s “unprecedented” land reclamations raise questions of “intent” and risks of “miscalculation”.

Y’all, China is not to be trusted to be a responsible actor on the world stage.  Y’all know this, right?  Our media here in the United States is falling down on their job.  Very few mainstream outlets are giving this story any play, at all.  That ain’t good, in case you were wondering.  See my previous post on the subject of China’s and Russia’s ambitions.