PC Culture Hiding Refugee Rapists? Maybe.

Yesterday, Power Line steered me to this story by Michelle Malkin; a story of a rape cover-up in Twin Falls, Idaho.  It’s not a wealthy family trying to hide a privileged son from his accusers, though, as the “rape culture” narrative so often tells the story.  No, this time, it’s local law enforcement and the mainstream media outlets who are doing the dirty work.  Please follow the link to Mrs. Malkin’s story, and then come back here.

In my opinion, this isn’t a case of Political Correctness run amok, although politics is definitely in play.  The Emperor is determined, even in light of the Supreme Court’s opinion of Obama’s immigration agenda, to bring as many Islamic migrants into the US as he possibly can until forced from office by our Constitution.  How far are Emperor Barry’s water-carriers willing to go?  Check out the video embedded below and make up your own mind on that one.