Planned Parenthood: All About the Quotas, Y’all

Update:  Just a few minutes ago, Live Action uploaded three additional videos, which popped into my YouTube feed.  See below the first videos that I posted.


I don’t really need to say too much about the videos that I’m embedding below.  All I’ll say is that Live Action is exposing Planned Parenthood for exactly what they are.

Below, you’ll find two videos wherein a doctor who has performed abortions describes the procedures.  If, like me, you are pro-life, these videos are very, very hard to watch.  I dare anyone who is pro-choice to watch these videos, and then come explain to me how you could still support abortion on-demand.  Also, explain why I should be okay with allowing my tax dollars to fund the largest abortion provider in the United States.  There’s a hook, though….if you want to debate this issue with me, be prepared to hear the arguments against abortion, ’cause I got a lot of ’em.  The thing is, though, that I’m not the one who needs convincing.  One day, those who support abortion WILL have to explain themselves to the King of Kings.