Pomona College Queers Assault Scripture With Their “Queer Theory”

Before continuing with this post, I’m compelled to state that there is no point in taking issue with my use of the term “queer” in the headline.  I did not invent the word, nor am I applying it in a pejorative sense.  The word is one chosen by homosexuals to refer to themselves.

Before y’all read what I have to say, you’ll want to check out this article at Campus Reform. From the CR post:

Pomona College in California is offering a class to students on “queering” the Bible.

“Queer Theory and the Bible” will teach students how to read the Bible “through queer theory,” by examining excerpts that are “central to prohibitions on homosexuality,” as well as “discourses of heteronormativity” through which “homophobic readings of the Bible” are born.

“We will also look at the ways in which these discourses and the identities they shore up can be ‘queered,’ as well as at biblical texts that can be read as queer friendly,” the course description reads. “This process of queering will allow and require us to approach the biblical text in new ways.”

There are so many things wrong with “Queering” holy Scripture, that I must confess to being a bit bewildered as to where to start.  It comes to mind that any attempt to extract the Spirit through which the Bible was written will fail to reveal the Truth.  (For the grammar-nazis out there:  “Truth” is capitalized in this post when it refers to Christ, who refers to Himself as the Truth in the Gospel of John 14: 6.)  Since the entire Bible is a revelation of Truth, I think y’all can see the problem, here.

Because there is too much for one person to unpack in a blog, I’m going to merely direct my posting to my fellow Christians.  Y’all, don’t be dismayed.  I know you regard this as an assault on yourselves as followers of Christ; and of course, that is exactly how it is meant.  We already know that we are hated by segments of the homosexual community.  We have to admit that some of us, possibly a lot of us, have been guilty of less-than-Christ-like behavior towards homosexuals.  Well, we are sinners, too, and fail as much as anybody else.  Sometimes we are not as clear as we should be in declaring our love for other sinners while we decry obvious and public sins.

I hope that we, as a Christian community, can remember at need that the REAL assault is against our Savior.  It is His Name that is taking the brunt of the assault by Pomona College and related university organizations that offer college credit for “Queering” the Bible.  After all, it is not we who declare same-sex relationships to be sinful; rather, it is our God.

Pray for Pomona College.  Pray for our institutions of higher learning.  Pray for the students who, hungry for knowledge, attend the universities.  The students will need all the help they can get in acquiring useful knowledge among the lies being taught as truth in the classrooms.

Same Bible, opened to 2 Chronicles Chapter 12.