Poor and Minorities to be Nailed by New EPA Regulations

Check out this story at Media Research Center.  In the embedded video, y’all can see Gina McCarthy, Administrator for the EPA (And incidentally the boss of John Beale, the fake spy in yesterday’s story)  tell a reporter that poor people and minorities will be the hardest hit by the new EPA regulations that will raise the cost of energy.  It’s pure genius at work there, folks, to understand that people who have little money will have more trouble paying bills than people with a lot of money.  Mrs. McCarthy shows that she is aware of this fact, but will continue to enact the new regulations, anyway.  See, Progressives really DO care.  Not enough to prevent them from screwing the poor and disadvantaged, but they care.  Or something.   Don’t take my word for it, though; watch the video and see for yourselves.