Post-Election Notes and Pre-2017 Thoughts

A lot of newsy things have occurred since the election, and I’m not going to try to cover them all in depth in this post.  Donald Trump is the new President-Elect, Hillary Clinton took a beating in the Electoral College results, and the Progressives have been whining, protesting, and complaining ever since November 8.  “Fake News” is in the headlines; and that topic will require further elaboration in another post.  Today, though, I’m concerned with the assault on our Constitution in the form of the call to abolish the Electoral College.  I’m going to give Liz Wheeler first crack at its defense.  More to come after the video.

Well said, Liz; well said, indeed.  Even though our founders did not know that New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago would be as densely populated as they are, the founders of our nation did foresee that population centers had the potential for tyranny over rural areas; hence, the Electoral College system and the choice to make the United States a Republic instead of a pure Democracy.

The people in Flyover Country won an important victory in November.  Yay, us.  Now is not the time to relax, though.  It’s obvious that Progressives have failed to understand what happened, and they have failed to grasp that the country is on to their tricks.  The Progs will keep on fighting, and thus we Constitution-loving people will need to cowboy up and get ready for the challenges of the future.

Politics is downstream of culture.  Marty and I have repeated this fact over and over again, in text and in our live shows.  For Honest Answer Media, the challenge to us is clear.  We must continue to adapt.  In order to meet those challenges, changes are coming, as they do for us every year.  Marty and I have ended our time on terrestrial radio, at least for the foreseeable future.  We understand now, as we have since the middle 1990’s, that the internet is not a fad. With that in mind, beginning in the new year, Honest Answer Radio is going back to its internet-only availability.  As Chief Engineer, Marty is working to bring new (to us) technology to bear on making our live stream better.  I am working to expand the social media platforms upon which we promote ourselves and the message of Conservative culture.  Marty and I are also taking to the public speaking circuit.  In the new year of 2017, we’ll be hitting the road to speak to churches and civic groups who are hungry to hear our unique mixture of politics and faith.

We will continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit of our Creator and Savior in our endeavors.  Honest Answer Media, composed of myself, Marty, and Tina, is even more energized and encouraged by God to continue the work of spreading the Gospel and the moral value system of our Faith throughout this nation and around the world.

I know that postings on this website have been sparse lately, but hey, y’all……I’ve been on a break. I’ll give y’all a little taste of what’s coming in the new year, though.  One of the new social media platforms that we’ll be on is   Minds is a site devoted to freedom of expression, and so far, it looks good to Honest Answer. Go check it out.