Power of the Purse only works if it’s used

So, according to this Washington Times post, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has hired an amnesty-activist to advise him on immigration reform.  Sigh.


Over in the Senate, Harry Reid changed the rules of the Senate so that Republicans can’t filibuster Judicial nominees.  As we’ve talked about on the live Honest Answer show, the Senate has become a rubber-stamp for Obama to pack the courts with left-wing ideologues.  The Republicans in the House of Representatives aren’t going to take that lying down, right?  Umm….well…….maybe they will.

Yesterday’s House Judiciary hearings on Presidential Authority and the Constitution were instructive, but judging from the comments that we’ve received on this site, facebook, and the other social media sites that we use to promote this page, public faith that anything useful will come from those hearings is low-to-nonexistent.  All of the comments; every single one, said that the Congressional Republicans are all talk, no action.

I really, really wish Speaker Boehner would drop immigration reform and read this post from The Library of Law and Liberty, titled, “An Idiot’s Guide to Unpacking the Courts”.  Honestly, y’all, there is nothing in the LibertyLaw article that is rocket-science.  The Constitution clearly says that the House of Representatives holds the power of the purse.  The article suggests that defunding the Courts is a viable, RELEVANT way for the House to handle the Obama/Reid over-reach.  From the Liberty Law post:

Yes, the Democrats can name and confirm their faithful Felix the Cat to any court in the land. But Felix can exercise that judicial power only if he is paid, his clerks are paid, and his expenses are paid. That takes money from the Treasury. Art. I:9 of the Constitution says that money can come from the Treasury only by law passed by both Houses and signed by the President. Republicans can negate Felix’s appointment by not funding his position.

Of course, Democrats can squeal and threaten to shut down government, again.  The post referenced above addresses that point, as well.  Please, read it, and send the link to John Boehner and your own Representatives and Senators.

John Boehner and the other do-nothing Republicans in the House treat their power of the purse exactly like almost everyone treats the exercise equipment gathering dust in basements and garages across the country.  It’s as if they think that the mere presence of the purse-strings is enough to provide the House with relevance.  Like the dusty exercise equipment, though, no good is accomplished unless it’s used; regularly.