President of Planned Parenthood Runs From Question of When Life Begins

a baby at four months gestation, sonogram

a baby at four months gestation, sonogram

I think it’s long past time that, as a society, we decide when a fetus becomes a baby.  This is not a question to be decided by an individual woman with no input from men or the public.

Once upon a time, in my younger years, I would have said that it is a woman’s right to choose when to have an abortion, and the father should have no say, since it wouldn’t be his body “held hostage” for nine months.  I was wrong, then, and it’s wrong now to say the same thing.

In some States, if a drunk driver kills an unborn baby, or a man beats a pregnant woman so severely that she loses her baby, the State charges that person with murder.  The decision to place a value on the baby in those States is determined by the directly-elected representatives of the people.  Why is it, then, that pro-abortion activists resist every attempt to limit the time-frame in which a pregnancy may be legally terminated?

The question is important.  This week, this Slate article from 2012 re-surfaced, quoting a Journal of Medical Ethics post written by two “philosophers” making the case for killing a baby after it’s already been born.

I remember a time when the pro-abortion rallying cry was “safe, legal, and rare”.  These days, it seems as if organizations like Planned Parenthood only care about the “legal” part of the rallying cry.  When Kermit Gosnell was butchering women and 26-week-old babies at his clinic in Pennsylvania, where was Planned Parenthood crying out for “safe” abortions?  Take a look at the post at NRO, and watch the video of the President of Planned Parenthood ducking the question of when life begins.

As I said in the lede to this piece, it’s time that all Americans come together and make a decision on when not only life, but personhood begins.  We have to decide on a point where abortion becomes murder, and men should have a voice in the discussion, too.

Also, on a related point, when I looked up “fetus” in Google Images, the pic below came up in the search.  How the heck does that happen?  Buehler, anyone?

this is what you get when you try to look up "fetus" in google images.  Yeah.

this is what you get when you try to look up “fetus” in google images. Yeah.