Proglodyte Gun-Grabbers Can’t Debate.

All responsible, law-abiding gun owners know that the arguments of protectionists and Progressives who are pushing for more and tighter restrictions on gun ownership are easily defeated by facts.  The point of this post is to prove to y’all that the Proggies know it, too.

John Lott, one of the leading gun-law researchers in this country (or any other) wanted to debate on CNN with Ted Alcorn, research director for Everytown for Gun Safety on C-Span.  Alcorn refused to be on-screen at the same time with Mr. Lott.  His reasoning?  Well, here it is, from the Washington Times:

“When there’s a credible scientist — somebody who wants to have a real constructive conversation about this, we’re going to be there,” researcher Ted Alcorn said. “But folks who seek to minimize the issue of gun violence, the grave issue of gun violence in this country or to draw attention away from the real issues to themselves — that’s not a conversation that I think is productive to be a part of.”

Allow me to translate that for you from the Progressive Doublespeak into Honest Answer English:  “Uh, debate John Lott?  Are you kidding?  I’d get creamed!”  Everytown for Gun Safety is Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to inflict more gun control.  We all know this, right?  None of his people dare engage in debate with anyone who is prepared on the subject of guns.  We know that the facts speak for themselves, but Everytown, Bloomberg, Alcorn, and all the rest of the gun-grabbers know it, too, and they have to deliver their talking points in the most one-sided fashion as possible, to hide their agenda from the more gullible of our citizenry.