Project Veritas investigation increases scrutiny of Obamacare “Navigators”

Darryl Issa and Pete Sessions.  Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

Darryl Issa and Pete Sessions. Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

Ah, Schadenfreud, you evil temptress……

It is indeed difficult to restrain one’s baser instincts, and it’s hard not to giggle a little bit over King Barry’s discomfiture over the enactment of His Majesty’s signature achievement.  The website is a disaster that I don’t think even the brightest of Conservative pundits could have predicted, at least not in the scope and profundity of it’s disastrous-ness.   When you figure in the whole “if you like your plan/doctor you can keep your plan/doctor ” lie, it’s hard to make a bigger case for government ineptitude.

As if the above-mentioned facts aren’t enough to make President McSelfie grind his teeth in the silent watches of the night, Project Veritas set their sights on the ripe-for-ridicule Navigator program.  Project Veritas, as we have mentioned here, deserves a sincere round of applause for exposing the “Navigator” program as inept at best and riddled with fraud at worst.  Their work, thankfully, has not gone unnoticed by Congress.  Take a look at the video below and listen to what Pete Sessions and Darryl Issa have to say.

The Navigator corruption scandal exposed by Project Veritas has even been used to make Jay Carney squirm like a worm on a hook; and that’s always good for a laugh, right?

I’d be laughing if it wasn’t for the fact that what you’ve just watched isn’t some Daily Show parody.  Nope, y’all, this is as real as it gets.