Project Veritas shines light on arrogance of the powerful

I’ve posted before about Project Veritas and James O’Keefe here, here, and here.  You may want to check out those links to refresh your memory, if you’ve forgotten what Mr. O’Keefe is all about.  I keep posting about Project Veritas because what happens to the people involved can and will happen to other “bloggers” out there.  Both the mainstream media types and elected politicians are actively working to establish a wall of separation between political mainstream “journalists” and “bloggers”.  As I’m sure y’all can imagine, Marty, Tina, and I take that sort of thing personally, since we are “bloggers”.

Good old daylight is the best medicine for the arrogance of the powerful.  Project Veritas is exposing the arrogance of current and former holders of public trust, and it’s driving some of them, like former US Attorney Jim Letten, up the freakin’ wall.  Re-visit the links above, and then give your attention to the video below.  Watch how the arrogant Mr. Letten says some things that I suspect he would never say to another man without having some beefy Tulane campus security behind him.  While watching the video, ask yourself if you really think a mainstream “journalist” would receive the same treatment?  Also, remember that Mr. Letten is a former Bush appointee.

Do we want elected officials and mainstream media outlets deciding for us how we receive vital information?  Project Veritas is showing us the ugly side of the question.