Prosecute Solyndra? DOJ Won’t Do It.

I’m sure y’all are shocked by the headline.  According to this post in the Washington Free Beacon, the Department of Justice will not prosecute anyone from Solyndra for misleading the government and bilking taxpayers out of half a BILLION dollars.  From the WFB article:

“The Department of Justice reviewed the evidence and elected to not pursue charges based on the Federal Principles of Prosecution, which include whether the person’s conduct constitutes a Federal offense and whether the admissible evidence will be sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction,” DOJ spokesman Peter Carr said in an emailed statement.

The comments came a day after the Department of Energy’s inspector general released the resultsof a years-long investigation into the solar firm’s 2011 bankruptcy and the $500 million that taxpayers lost in guaranteeing a loan to the company.

So the Obama Justice Department, first under the firm leadership of Eric Holder, and now headed by Loretta Lynch, won’t take action against the infamous green energy company.  I’m shocked.  The DOJ, after all, has been so vigorous in upholding justice in the Fast and Furious scandal and the IRS targeting scandal.

Oops.  It looks like I may have accidentally spilled my sarcasm cup on my keyboard.