Push for Article V Constitutional Convention Gains Steam

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Michigan became the 34th State to call for a balanced-budget amendment to the United States Constitution.  34 States is the minimum number necessary to meet the threshold set out in Article V of the Constitution.   Don’t hold your breath, folks.  That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

According to this post at the Washington Times, several States have rescinded their votes.  From the WT article:

By Mr. Watson’s count, Michigan is the 34th state to call for a convention on a balanced budget. The chief problem is that about a dozen legislatures have rescinded their states’ applications.

Apparently, nobody is sure if States can rescind their vote.  Article V doesn’t speak to that.

I’m a fan of calling for the Constitutional Convention of the States, and doing more than balancing the Federal budget.  I’d like to see term limits and tax reform on the agenda, too.  Understand, though, that if Congress or the Courts force the Convention, Conservatives won’t be the only ones invited to the party.  Liberals, who will fight like wildcats to keep the Convention from happening at all, will line up to stick their own statist amendments in.

I can’t say often enough how much I want to see a Constitutional Convention.  However, reality must be acknowledged.  There is risk involved in the process, as well as reward.  If you don’t understand what an Article V Convention is, follow the links above.  Read The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin.  Educate yourselves, and add you voices to those in your State who are pushing for this.  It’s OUR government, and OUR participation is required to make it work for the good of these United States.