Rand Paul wants King Barry to come clean on NSA spying

Marty and I get a lot of criticism for never seeming to disagree with Republicans.  Of course, anyone who has listened to our live shows or read this page for any length of time knows that we do indeed disagree with Republicans quite often.  Today, I’m going to disagree with Rand Paul.  More after the break:

In this video interview with Bill Hemmer at Fox, Rand Paul discusses his Senate proposal to “make the President come clean” about spying on Angele Merkel and the Pope.  Sigh.  Although I would like some answers regarding the NSA’s spying on Americans at least as much as Rand Paul does, I honestly don’t want to know about who we spy on outside of our borders.  If the NSA isn’t spying on the Pope, they damn well should be.  If the modern Catholic Church weren’t involved in politics, or trying to influence world leaders, I’d say leave His Eminence alone; but the fact is that the Church IS involved in influencing world leaders, and we have a vested interest in knowing EXACTLY who the Pope talks to, when, and why, if we are able to find out about it.  The same goes for Angele Merkel in Germany.

I’m not upset that we spy on people.  I am very upset, though, that our NSA has been careless enough to get caught and embarass the country.  Heads should roll over this one, but Rand’s tactic ain’t gonna work, and it won’t provide us with any real insight into the domestic spying debacle.

I’m damned upset the NSA has gathered data illegally on American citizens.  We the People are not the enemy, dammit.  I would prefer to see Rand Paul making more noise about domestic spying, and shut the hell up about our efforts to gather information on world leaders.