Rapper Volunteers To Be Force Fed Like GITMO Prisoners…Cries Like A Girl

In an effort to portray the United States as being evil, cruel and heartless, rap artist Mos Def filmed himself undergoing a “force feeding” similar to those being done at Guantanamo Bay on inmates engaging in a hunger strike. Said video was filmed with the United Kingdom-based “human rights group” Reprieve.


One can only surmise that Mr. Def was attempting to show that force feeding with a naso-gastric feeding is brutal and equates with “cruel and unusual punishment. Which, for an American citizen, would be considered a violation of the Bill of Rights.

At any rate, the viewer will undoubtedly notice the hard core rapper weeping like a little girl at the utter barbarity of the situation. Thus, highlighting the harshness and cruelty being heaped upon these “peaceful men of God”.

Watch below.

[embedit snippet=”mos-def”]

Heart-wrenching, yes? That is, until you see the video of the sweet little girl inserting her own naso-gastric feeding tube that she must use for her medical condition. In her video, she tells first-timers that while it can be a little scary at first, there’s really “nothing to it.”

[embedit snippet=”little-girl”]

So, what do YOU think? Cruel and unusual punishment? OR Mos Def is just a big ol’ wuss?