Relationship Between Oz and China is More Uneasy Than Ever

Yes, you are seeing this material again.

Almost exactly a year ago today, I reported here about how China’s development of the Spratly Islands is affecting Australia.  Oz sends a lot of it’s shipping past the Spratlys, and they have grown increasingly frustrated with how Xi Jinping’s government is treating the South China Sea, which, no matter how China perceives it, is international waters.

Today, The Washington Times has this story, telling of Australia’s move away from dependence on China.  From TWT post:

But a big change is in the air Down Under. A 10-year defense blueprint unveiled this year reveals an Australia that has grown deeply skeptical ofChina’s long-term ambitions for the region.

Under the plan, Australia will sharply increase defense spending and harden its stance against Beijing’s aggressive push and construction of man-made islands in the hotly disputed South China Sea, offering support to the U.S. Navy’s “freedom of navigation” missions directly challenging China’s territorial claims.

I strongly urge y’all to follow the link above, and read the whole story.  As I’ve said many times on this issue, you WILL see this material again.