Remember When Obama/Biden Were Against Military Action Without Congressional Approval

Let’s see, way back in 2007, CANDIDATES Obama and Biden were considered to be the “anti-war” candidates in the upcoming election cycle. As a matter of fact, both men went from network to network ranting and raving about how George W. Bush had lied to the country about WMD in Iraq. They were furious, suggesting that Bush had somehow misled Congress.


During that time, Iran was pulling it’s usual “We’re going to obtain nukes whether you like it or not” routine and there was talk that Bush was preparing a surgical strike on Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The very idea that Bush would take military action without going to Congress first infuriated the left; and rightfully so.

Below is a clip of Joe Biden on Chris “Chrissy McTingles” Matthews’ Hardball discussing this very thing.

This now begs the question: Will Obama/Biden now live up to their own executive expectations?

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.