Rep. Jim Jordan on Kudlow Talking CBO Report on O-Care

Rep. Jim Jordan discusses CBO O-Care report with Larry Kudlow on CNBC.  Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

Rep. Jim Jordan discusses CBO O-Care report with Larry Kudlow on CNBC. Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

Last night on the live Honest Answer, Marty and I briefly discussed the report released by the Congressional Budget Office on the projected effects of Obamacare on the economy of our lovely country.  This most recent report of the CBO has numbers that tally more closely with Republican predictions of Commie-Care’s consequences.

The Obama Administration was in love with previous reports by the CBO which touted Obamacare as being a great job-creator, incentive-maker, etc., etc.  Of course, Barry’s minions are coming up with all kinds of reasons to say that this most recent report by the “independent” CBO is in error; or at least the Republican interpretation of this latest report is wrong.  Check this article by WaPo.  The Washington Post definitely, to us here at the Honest Answer, is counted as one of Barry’s minions, because the Post has been waving pom-poms for Obama ever since he was elected.

Forbes has a different take on the CBO report.

Now, Republicans live and die on the same sword that Barry does.  Republicans disparaged CBO reports that led everyone to believe that Obamacare was going to save Americans all kinds of money and spread glitter and unicorns far and wide.  Now, suddenly, the CBO can be trusted, according to Republicans; just because the numbers come closer to what the GOP was predicting.

Personally, I trust the CBO about as far as I can pee.  No matter what reports and verbiage and numbers that CBO generates, we at the Honest Answer never forgets that CBO is a government organization.  They are here to help us, right?   Riiiiiiight.

Y’all have to read and do research for yourselves.  Reading the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is almost as painful as a root canal without anesthesia, but facts can be gleaned from merely looking at all the legalese.  Any law that enormous can’t be good, folks.  When government takes on one-sixth of the economy, no good can come of it.  Sweeping government action and usurpation of economic incentives don’t work, can’t work, and never have worked, ever.  Common sense told everyone in this country who bothered to think about it that CommieCare was going to kill jobs and bleed our economy dry.

Jim Jordan, a Republican Representative from Ohio, appeared on Larry Kudlow’s CNBC show and discussed the Republican alternative to CommieCare;  soon to be introduced in the House.  I like the sound of the Republican plan, but of course I haven’t seen it yet.  I like Jim Jordan, a lot.  After watching his questioning of Benghazi witnesses, and his work at trying to get answers on the IRS scandals, I think he’s definitely a true Conservative.  I still wonder, though, if the GOP really has a handle on health insurance.  Color me skeptical.

Watch the Kudlow report video below.