Republicans Have a Plan to Replace Obamacare

h/t Instapundit

I’ve just read an analysis of the Republican alternative to Obamacare, unveiled by Tom Price, House Budget Committee Chairman, and I like it so far.  The analysis can be found at the Washington Examiner, here.  Y’all need to give the article a read.

From what I can tell, Rep. Price has addressed some of my biggest complaints about Obamacare.  From the WE post:

Small business owners would be able to band together across state lines to purchase insurance through trade associations, and insurers licensed in one state would be able to sell insurance in any state.

In addition, the Price plan would allow individuals to opt out of programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits and instead use credits to purchase private insurance.

My favorite part?

The Price plan would start by fully repealing the text of Obamacare.

There is a lot more at the link above.  Go there, and see what y’all think; but at first glance, Price’s plan looks like a credible attempt to reform healthcare in the United States without moving in the direction of single-payer insurance coverage, or any form of rationed care.  It sure beats Obamacare.