Restoring Love…The Greatest Event You Never Heard Of

Okay, I get it. The Mainstream Media HATES Glenn Beck. They view him as a “Right-Wing Extremist”, “extremely controversial”, “espousing hate”. But, this weekend, the mainstream press TOTALLY IGNORED the fact that Glenn Beck hosted a gathering of over 65,000 Americans in Dallas Cowboy Stadium; All in the name of Restoring LOVE to our nation. You can view his keynote address at the bottom of THIS article

Restoring Love saw 65,000 people from 20 different countries coming together in the name of LOVE.

Thursday, over 35,000 volunteers from all over the country gathered in Dallas for a “Day of Service.” Nowhere in our history as a nation, have so many gathered to serve when there was NO TRAGEDY. The Mainstream Media was SILENT. Friday, he hosted an event at High Point Baptist Church called Under God Indivisible. The event was dedicated to Finding God in our History. Some of the more notable speakers were Rev. C.L. Bryant, David Barton, Tony Evans and Father Jonathon Morris.

The music for Saturday’s event was flippin incredible. If you have Spotify, do yourself a favor and find the Restoring Love Soundtrack. If you listen to Honest Answer Radio this week, we’ll be showcasing some of the music from the event.

The fact that people were outraged that the President of Chic Filet stated his support of traditional marriage seemed to surprise some folks. Imagine that. A Christian supporting traditional Christian Values. Apparently, it came as quite a shock to A LOT of “news agencies”. The stories viewed as “NEWS” were about SOME Christians and their stance for traditional marriage. The need to portray Christians as “hateful” and “bigoted” outweighed to need to show POSITIVE Christians with a POSITIVE message. “Kiss-Ins” at a fast food chain carried the day over parks being cleaned, nursing homes having 80 or 90 extra hands to take care of “the little things”, elderly people getting their lawns mowed, air conditioning being brought to homes and churches that had never seen it, 11 tractor trailers FULL of food heading to 11 different cities to feed the homeless and indigent.

Neither ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN NOR FOX NEWS gave Restoring Love 30 Seconds of air-time, much less any mention at all on their websites. These same “News Outlets” though, will give air-time to the likes of Al Sharpton (Hell, MSNBC gave the good Rev. Al his own television show), Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers, Van Jones and the like. Why is that?

I’ve listened to Glenn Beck for a couple of years now, trying to find where he was wrong; where he was being “extreme” in his views. I’ve read some of his books. They’re mostly filled with lessons in American History. Not a lot of his own words in his books…For the most part, he uses the writings of the founding fathers to speak for themselves. He has NEVER ONCE called for a violent over-throw of the government. On the contrary, he encourages his listener/viewer/reader to work for change in the VOTING BOOTH. I’ve yet to hear him speak a word of racism. As a matter of fact, he’s expressed his disdain for those that do on many, many occasions.

What I’m trying to figure out I guess, is, exactly what/who is Glenn Beck a threat to? Okay. I guess he IS a threat to Marxism/Socialism/Communism. And, I guess he COULD be a threat to the “Progressive Agenda”. From what I can see, he’s been threat to poverty all over the country. If you just wanna get pushy, I guess you could make the case that he’s a threat to idiocy, seeing as how he’s made it his personal mission in life to educated Americans on their own history.

But, is he a threat to their networks? Oh Lord in Heaven, please let it be so!