Restoring Unity in Birmingham, Alabama

Glenn Beck and multiple churches in Birmingham, Alabama are meeting this weekend, seeking to promote unity in our nation.  I’ll bet you haven’t seen this reported on any major media outlets, because, like most of what Glenn Beck does, the lamestream is ignoring this event, hoping that it will go away.

There will be marches, and many inspiring speakers.  Chuck Norris will be there.  Marty dropped by and told me that Lou Graham, of the band Foreigner, is going to be there, as well.

Folks, pay attention to this even.  You can learn more about it at Glenn Beck’s website, as well as what the motivation is that brought everything together.  Something important is happening now, in my home state, and even Fox News is keeping it quiet.  Get involved.  Do something to make the world better than it is.  If you can’t go to any of the events, you can still pray for unity.  Follow the link.  Be informed.