Rollins Brothers to Go on Radio Again

After an extended absence, Marty and I are going back on the terrestrial airwaves once again, on Alabama 810 AM radio, beginning on January 3rd, 2016.

You may want to read that twice.

It’s true.  Once again, The Honest Answer will be broadcasting from a genuine, honest-to-gosh radio station.  Every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm Central, Marty and I will be giving commentary on the important national and international news of the week; but this time we’ll have the ability to take callers, y’all.

I hear some of y’all out there, asking yourselves, “But I don’t live in the half of Alabama that’s covered by Alabama 810’s 50,000 watts.  Am I going to miss the show?”

Don’t worry, y’all.  Marty and I are planning to simulcast the radio show with our internet Spreaker account, so y’all can listen live, and call in to express your thoughts, too.  Our internet audience is, and always has been, very important to us, and The Honest Answer is going to make sure that y’all have full access to everything we do.

We have to thank our Almighty God for putting this opportunity in front of Marty and I.  Since we left the public airwaves of terrestrial radio way back in 2011, both Marty and I had to take steps of faith that things would work out for us.  All along, God told us that He would take care of us.  Of course, God always keeps His promises, and here we are.

I promised y’all a big announcement, and this is it.  For the last few weeks of 2015, we have plans to record some commercial spots for the terrestrial show, and of course we will post them here so our internet audience can hear them, too.  There’s another thing about going back on the radio that’s pretty darn cool:  for the first time, Marty and I will have a real producer during the shows, helping us out.  As a matter of fact, we have a whole radio station staff who is enthusiastic about the show, and they’ll help us get the word out.  Ever since we first began broadcasting in 2006, it’s been me, Marty, and Tina who have carried the load, but we now have some help.

Life is good.