Romney Aid Tells Press To “Kiss My A**”…And THAT’S The News Jul31


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Romney Aid Tells Press To “Kiss My A**”…And THAT’S The News

Earlier today, at Poland’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, “reporters” from the New York Time, Politico and CNN screamed out at the Presidential candidate questions regarding his many “gaffes” while on the foreign leg of his campaign.

His “gaffes” include questioning whether or not the Brits were ready for every security contingency that could arise during the Olympic games. The Brits, themselves were calling security into question when it leaked that the firm they’d contracted to handle security employed persons that were described in the British press as “lackidaisical”, at best. Was it a “gaffe” that he called into question something that had already been PUBLICLY called into question? The Brits thought so. Their pride had been stung and furthermore, they (The Brits) couldn’t very well give him a pass on that because then they would have looked like the bumbling, corporate fools that they were.

TODAY, his aide, Rick Gorka had had enough. When the reporters began to rudely cry out and scream “gotcha” questions, Gorka told them to kiss his behind. He also reminded them that the Tomb was a “Holy” place to the Polish”. You can click on the image at the top and it’ll take you to The Blaze’s coverage.

To the progressive mainstream media, this will be a “HUGE POLITICAL MISTAKE” that will “SURLY CRIPPLE HIS CAMPAIGN”…The video is below…You decide.

I say, “Good on YOU, Mr. Gorka!”