SCOTUS overturns DOMA; Earth’s orbit unaffected

The Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law in 1996 by Bill Clinton, was struck down today in a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court.  Kennedy wrote the majority opinion, with Scalia and Alito writing the dissenting opinions.  In spite of voting DOMA into law, former President Clinton praised the SCOTUS decision.  Ahem.

The Supreme Court of The United States

The Supreme Court of The United States

The Honest Answer isn’t going to spend a lot of time on the topic, which is probably going to anger folks on both sides of the debate on gay marriage.  Marty, Tina, and I have been very clear that we did not approve of DOMA, and feel that the Federal Government has no place in the whole marriage business, anyway.  We have devoted hours of live air-time, both in Terrestrial radio and on the internet, declaring our support for the rights of our lesbian and gay friends to marry.

There are other political fish to fry, though, and other issues of greater consequence on which to focus attention.  We aren’t belittling the importance of the SCOTUS decision today, but assigning it what we feel is a more appropriate place in the issues of the day; besides, the front page of the Drudge Report alone has plenty of text to offer on gay marriage.  There are other blogs devoting plenty of attention to SCOTUS today.

I hope that y’all will join The Honest Answer in hoping that our gay and lesbian friends party like it’s 2013.  (Not like 1999, ’cause DOMA was law of the land, then) No matter your perspective on the SCOTUS decision, it is a victory for the gay community; a victory long denied.  My friends should be celebrating massively, for a while.

The debate over the intrusion of the Federal Government into our private lives continues.  A lot of the folks praising SCOTUS today are some of the same folks who think that our children don’t belong to us.  Those people have been quite busy trying to influence the powerful to give the Feds more authority over our individual lives, and The Honest Answer will continue to keep y’all informed of their actions, as usual.  Now, we go back to work keeping tabs on the Proglodytes.