Secret Service in Hot Water. Again.

I’m trying to remember any scandals involving the Secret Service before the Obama Administration took office.  My memory may be faulty; but I don’t remember anything like the scandals that have happened, involving Secret Service agents, before Obama.  I know that when the Treasury Department was in charge of the folks who protect the President, the Secret Service was a tight ship.  Now, of course, the Secret Service is under Homeland Security.  It’s almost as if everything Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Jeh Johnson touch turns to crap.  Huh.

Senator Tom Cotton is pretty steamed at the Secret Service right now, enough that he is blocking Obama’s nominations to the State Department until he’s satisfied that the appropriate people are held accountable.  If you aren’t aware of exactly what the SS is being accused, I’m embedding a video below, and Senator Cotton can explain it all in his own words.  It’s worth watching, y’all, I promise.