Sen. Sessions Details Sordid History of the Gang of Eight Shamnesty Bill

Both Senators from Alabama have spoken out against the Gang of Eight bill, S.744, as have many other Senators, but they have so far been unable to prevent Harry Reid from calling for a vote before everyone has a chance to read the 1200-page document.  The Senate is going to have to pass this thing in order to find out what’s in it.  Hmmm….seems I’ve heard that one somewhere before, and it gives me heartburn to  remember it.

Jeff Sessions, in the embedded video, tells the story of S.744 from it’s conception, through the input of special interest groups in drafting the bill, into it’s markup in the Judiciary Committee, to the publicity blitz of S.744’s proponents.  He doesn’t neglect to mention Skeeter’s involvement, either.  As a former Prosecutor, Sessions is skilled in the theatrics of oratory, and this short video showcases that skill.  I used the word “sordid” in the headline to describe the history of S.744, because Sessions, without using the word, shows how sordid the Gang of Eight process has proven to be.

Have you called YOUR Senator yet?