Sen. Sessions to Harry Reid: Negotiate with the House

Today, Senator Jeff Sessions released a statement to Harry ‘Shutdown” Reid.  The statement is as follows:

“Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, the lead Senate author of the health law, described its implementation as a ‘train wreck.’ Yet Senator Reid and his Democratic majority are refusing to discuss even minor changes to it. The Obamacare exchanges officially go live tomorrow and will cause millions of Americans to lose their existing health plans. Millions more—as the labor unions have warned—are seeing their 40-hour work week turned into part-time jobs, or even eliminated. No Alabama worker should lose a good health plan or a good job because this partisan health law was forced on the country through the raw exercise of legislative power. The legislation was jammed through by a procedural abuse, without amendment, and over the outcry of American people.

 House Republicans are working to spare American workers from this train wreck. But Leader Reid and President Obama are building a fortress around the law—even as more and more train wrecks are discovered in the 2,700-page bill no one had time to read. Senator Reid even demanded that the President cancel a meeting with Republican leaders to work on a solution. He continues to block even bipartisan amendments. They’re not willing to change one jot or tittle of their law to protect a single worker. This is the definition of ideological inflexibility.

 Certainly, a delay in implementation is not unreasonable. I call on Senator Reid to negotiate with House Republicans and to work to spare our citizens from this train wreck. The President has exempted big businesses and others in the political class. It’s time to protect the middle class. It’s time for the White House to acknowledge the bill is unworkable and that action is needed to protect the American people.

 My priority will remain the same: to defend Alabama workers and their families.”

Right on, Senator Sessions.  Right on.