Senate Democrats Kill 200 Years Of Tradition In One Fell Swoop


For 225 years, The Senate has had the filibuster option available to them, to be used to block presidential nominations. Thanks to Harry Reid and Senate Democrats, those days are over.

The vote to change the rules was primarily down party lines-52 to 48. Three Democrats — Senators Carl Levin, Joe Manchin III and Mark Pryor joined 45 Republicans in opposing the measure.

The filibuster rule was changed so that federal judge nominees and presidential appointments can now be confirmed by a simple majority of senators. For 200 years, a 60-vote super-majority was required. This rule change does NOT apply to Supreme Court nominations, however.

The “nuclear option” has been threatened many times throughout our history but more so over the past four years. One has to wonder, though, do the Democrats really believe this won’t come back to bite them on the butt?

To quote Senator McConnell, it may come back to haunt them “sooner than you think.”

Let’s not forget, too, President Obama voted against this very thing when he was a senator.