Senate Foreign Relations Committee Debates Arming Syrian Rebels

During last night’s live Honest Answer, Marty and I were discussing Senator John McRINO’s trip to Syria.  The subject was whether or not it’s advisable to arm Syrian rebels, some of which (and we don’t know exactly who they are, either) hate the U.S. and will use those arms against Americans and American interests in the Middle East.

Senator Rand Paul, in the video below, cautions his colleagues about arming the Syrian rebels.  Assad, however much of a bloody-handed dictator that he is, has been protecting Christians in Syria, albeit half-heartedly.  Arming Islamist rebels endangers the lives of over a million Christians in Syria, over 250,000 of which migrated there from Iraq.  Also, we don’t know who our real friends are in Syria.

The Senators in the video who speak up against Rand Paul are some of the most thick-headed, ignorant men, and I’m including Marco Rubio.  In the face of clear, valid arguments against their proposals, they persist in believing that they are doing the right thing, which shows how clueless most of the Senate is when it comes to identifying potential problems with foreign misadventures.

Take the 16 minutes to watch the video, and see what y’all think.