Senator Sessions fights to keep Littoral Combat Ship numbers

The following statement was released today from Senator Sessions’ office:

“The reports that the Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense, Christine Fox, has issued a memo that would reduce the Navy’s top priority, the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), from the established requirement of 52 to 32 ships cannot be accepted.

 LCS are terrific ships that enjoy the confidence and unanimous support of our senior Navy leaders. It has been the top priority of the U.S. Navy for 17 years and been supported by six consecutive Chiefs of Naval Operations (CNO) and six Secretaries of the Navy.

 The ships are highly fuel efficient, use small crews, are flexible with many capabilities, and the 52 ship requirement has been affirmed on many occasions. The 52 number is not a wish list, but a formally established requirement. Our combatant commanders around the globe are anxious to have the ships and the presence they bring.

 I intend to fight against this proposal and I will continue to fight for LCS. This ship is a critical part of our nation’s need to return to a 300 ship Navy.”

The USS Independence, one of the Navy's Littoral Combat Ships.  Photo from

The USS Independence, one of the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships. Photo from