Should Cruz have Endorsed The Donald?

If I had been asked the question posed in the title last night, I probably would have said, “Yes, Cruz should endorse Trump because he pledged to support the eventual Republican nominee.”

I have given more thought to the question now, though, and I don’t believe Cruz could “endorse” Donald Trump, for a principle even stronger than a political pledge.  It is a fact that Trump said some nasty things about Ted Cruz’ family; things which no Southern Gentleman could possibly ignore.  To my knowledge, Trump has never apologized to Cruz and his family for saying those things.

My own support for Trump is lukewarm, too, and I can’t honestly “endorse” the man, either, except in acknowledging that he would be a far, far better President than Hillary Clinton.  Yes, Trump is gonna get my vote in November.  That’s going to have to be good enough, because it’s difficult to arouse any more potent declaration than that, to be honest.

Further analysis of how Cruz’ non-endorsement hurts either him or Trump is unclear, and, to me, not relevant at this point.  Beating Hillary Clinton like a drum in the General Upcoming is a more important consideration.  As for my personal feelings, Cruz didn’t hurt me at all, and I give him credit for choosing family over political pressure.

NOW…let’s get to defeating Hillary, shall we?