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So Many Stories

So little time.    There is so much information at my fingertips these days that it’s getting harder to decide on what’s worth commenting on and what isn’t.  It’s the old problem of finding the signal in all the noise.  Marty and I do our best, but there is no doubt that a lot of worthwhile stories get no comment from us, mainly because we are still operating this little venture in a part-time capacity.  We promise, though, that sooner rather than later we will be working full-time to bring you the news and commentary that all of you are hungry for.  I gotta tell ya, though… guys (our audience) are REALLY HUNGRY  and feeding y’all is a herculean effort.


On today’s Honest Answer, you can expect us to keep our promise of the last show in bringing you some insights into exactly how much money this country spends on entitlements, and hopefully how we can get entitlement spending under control.  Most of this evening’s show will be spent on this topic, but there are others out there screaming for attention.  Let’s give you a rundown on some of the news stories that are vying for our loving notice.

CNN tanks in their ratings

Eric Holder lies again

Tovarish Bloomberg hates fat people

Private enterprise kicks NASAs’ butt

GOP plans to (gasp) outspend the Dems in 2012 campaigns

Al Sharpton is wrong (again)

MoveOn takes a page from Oral Roberts

War on Women continues

Obama clueless (again)


There’s no way that we’ll get to all of the above stories, but I wanted to give y’all a sense of what exactly Marty and I are reading around the web.  When not in front of the computer, of course, we read different things.  Books in print still captivate us; and because I like y’all, I’ll share what I’m reading right now.  This is a book that I highly recommend to those of you who are interested in WWII and how decisions were made and battles fought during that time.  Check out Neptune’s Inferno.


See y’all tonight!