Some Domestic Developments Jun05


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Some Domestic Developments

Update:  NV Assisted Suicide Bill Dies in Committee

President Trump has been a busy fella.  Trump campaigned on promises to help out our Veterans, and he’s been working pretty hard to keep those promises.  See the embedded video.

Today, the President announced that the VA is going to get on the same electronic system that the Department of Defense is on with regards to veteran health records.  From The Washington Times:


The Trump administration announced Monday that it is taking steps to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs electronic medical records system to make it compatible with the Defense Department.

“This is one of the biggest wins for our veterans in decades,” President Trump said at the White House.

VA Secretary David Shulkin announced the move that’s intended to streamline the agency’s health care for veterans by coordinating their records with the Pentagon.

“I have decided that VA will adopt the same [electronic-health records] system as DoD,” Mr. Shulkin said. “It’s time to move forward.”

In the same press conference, President Trump also announced that he will push Congress to overhaul the United States Air Traffic Control system.  From The Washington Times post:

Cutting the air traffic control (ATC) loose from the bureaucracy of the Federal Aviation Administration would hasten technological upgrades and make flights “quicker, safer and more affordable,” the president said.

“Today we are proposing to take American air travel into the future — finally, finally. It’s been a long time,” Mr. Trump said in the East Room, where he gathered representatives of the airlines, unions, airports and flying public to demonstrate the broad support for the plan.

On a different topic, there is an ongoing fight between doctors, patients, and insurers over assisted suicide.  From the Free Beacon:

The former head of the Nevada State Medical Association is fighting legislation to legalize assisted suicide because it creates “perverse incentives” for insurance companies.

Dr. Brian Callister, an associate professor at the University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine, said that he decided to speak out on the issue after reaching out to insurance companies in California and Oregon to transfer two patients to other hospitals in order to receive life-saving treatment. The episode is now the focus of a campaign ad issued by opponents of assisted suicide.

“The insurance medical directors I spoke with said they would not cover the life-saving procedure that we’d requested. But, hey, by the way, have you considered assisted suicide?” Callister says in the ad. “It’s a lot cheaper to grab a couple drugs and kill you, than it is to provide you life-sustaining therapy.”

As Pro-Life Christians, the Honest Answer staff are against assisted suicide, for multiple reasons.  Be sure to read the whole article at the Free Beacon for a more complete story.