Some Giggles for YOU

First, on this Friday Fun Time post, I’d like to congratulate my friends in the United Kingdom of Great Britain for choosing to throw off the yoke of Belgian Bureaucracy by voting to leave the European Union.  In the past, the UK was perfectly capable of governing itself, and I have no doubts at all that it will do so very well in the future.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, I’m sure, are pretty sad about the Brexit.  I hope y’all will remind me to feel sorry for them later.

Speaking of the UK, I’m posting a video below, where Steven Crowder has a chat with a British newsperson about gun control.  I think y’all will get a giggle out of it.

Since y’all have been good little boys and girls all week, I’ll give you another video to tickle your funnybones.  Watch the discussion below by the Right Angle guys on those scary, terrifying AR-15 bazookas.  You’re welcome.